Interpretation of the real estate market is different for individual needs, and AQM understands that. The current market does not determine what you need out of selling your home, you do.

So many people ask us “What should i be looking for in a Real Estate Agent?”…Stock answers remain “You want someone connected and very versed in up to date market trends and education.” However, we rarely hear it discussed and this is how we respond when asked that question:

“Expect your Agent to be connected and educated. Look for someone who knows how to negotiate in your best interest.”

Bottom line, you want the best price for your home. It was an investment and as with any investment, you want to maximize it. An Agent can be extremely educated and connected, whether through their own connections or a network though their Broker. However if the Agent has no negotiating skills, will any of that get you the best price for your home?

Beware of flashy discounts and reduced commission rates. An Agent who needs to lower their commission rate to win your business is a relationship founded on disaster. A Real Estate Broker is required to be educated and maintain their license and continuing education. You need to hire a Broker that understands their integrity. Having a firm understanding of the integrity and the service we extend to the public is a contributing factor to AQM’s business principles that lead them to success on every transaction.

Choose a Broker by their individual track record. Don’t be sold by a company reputation. All agents share the same network and have access to the MLS to sell your home. Do not be led to believe a larger company can sell your home easier. Individual drive and ambition sell a home. A larger firm has many agents working for them they have to be responsible for. AQM is a smaller firm that focuses on individual client need. Its takes volume into consideration when listing a home so each listing gets the individual attention it needs to be sold. Our branded approach to our client relationship remains our solid focus.

AQM's Brokerage Services specialize in customized individuality. We sell an experience. We are going to streamline the process while we sell your home, it is not going to feel stressful. We are going to get to know your needs. We are going to listen to what you are looking for, and what you would like to happen. We are going to develop a customized marketing plan specific to your property needs and interests. Then we are going to sell your home effectively.

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We participate in specialized Hyper Local marketing for a given neighborhood or area, which means we will do core marketing among our other tactics to advertise your home in its surrounding area for exposure. Pride in a neighborhood goes a long way by word of mouth, and gets your home sold faster.

Trust AQM to provide an accurate and honest market analysis to determine value and sales price. Trust that we will listen to your needs and understand your goals behind selling. We pride ourselves in being a client focused firm, not to be confused with a firm that lack resources or experience. Our mission is to give every home the individual attention it deserves to reach its goals. Instantly, your home is marketed to a pool of investors and sometimes sells before even reaching the MLS. This specialized approach to sales is how we work individually while still targeting on the national level.

At AQM, it is simple. If your needs call for you to sell your home, then its time to sell. Your life should not have to wait for a seller's market. Our national connections and worldwide international investors are looking. We specialize in matching these needs as they arise and putting deals together that work for everyone. Regardless of the market, there is someone out there wanting to buy your home, and we take great pride in putting that deal together for you.

What 3 things are most important to you in choosing a Broker to list your home for sale today? Give us a call today to get started.

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